Prof. Dr. Sabine Broeck teaches American Studies, Gender Studies and Transatlantic Black Diaspora Studies at the University of Bremen. Her widely published research critiques the coloniality and anti-blackness of transatlantic modernity as a social formation and culture of enslavism. She was president of the international scholarly organization Collegium for African American Research (CAAR) from 2007 to 2015, as well as founding member, and director of the University of Bremen Institute for Postcolonial and Transcultural Studies (INPUTS) for many years until 2915. Her two previous monographs are Der entkolonisierte Koerper (1988) and White Amnesia-Black Memory? American Women’s Writing and History (1999). She  just completed a   book-length manuscript entitled: Gender and the Abjection of Blackness (contracted with SUNY Press). For more information, and list of publications, click here.