Sónia Vaz Borges is an interdisciplinary militant historian and social-political organizer. She describes herself as an enthusiastic traveler, an avid language learner, and an attentive listener. Sónia received her PhD in history of education from the Humboldt University of Berlin, and is the author of the book Militant Education, Liberation Struggle; Consciousness: The PAIGC education in Guinea Bissau 1963-1978, (Peter Lang, 2019). Along with filmmaker Filipa César, Sónia co-produced the short film “Navigating the Pilot School.” She is currently a researcher at Humboldt University Berlin in the History of Education Department and is working on the project “Education for all” with a special focus on Mozambique and the FRELIMO liberation movement, and the Sandinistas revolution in Nicaragua. Sónia is currently developing a book proposal, based on a personal research project focused on her concept of the “walking archives,” the liberation struggle, memory, and imaginaries.