Robin Wagner-Pacifici is the University in Exile Professor of Sociology at the New School for Social Research. She is the author of The Art of Surrender: Decomposing Sovereignty at Conflict's End; Theorizing the Standoff: Contingency in Action; Discourse and Destruction: The City of Philadelphia vs MOVE; and The Moro Morality Play: Terrorism as Social Drama. Among her published articles, she has co-authored (with Barry Schwartz), the AJS article “The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial: Commemorating a Difficult Past" and authored the AJS article "Theorizing the Restlessness of Events". An ongoing collaboration to analyze the official language of national security using computation textual analysis has generated the article, “Graphing the Grammar of Motives in U.S. National Security Strategies: Cultural Interpretation, Automated Text Analysis and the Drama of Global Politics,” (co-authored with several colleagues), in a special issue of Poetics. Finally, Wagner-Pacifici has just completed a book, to be published by the University of Chicago Press, titled What is an Event? The book tracks the eruptions, forms, and flows of events.