Rebecca Schneider is Professor of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University with affiliate positions in the History of Art and Architecture and the Department of Modern Culture and Media. She is the author of Theatre and History (2014); Performing Remains: Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reenactment (2011); and The Explicit Body in Performance (1997). She is the author of numerous essays including “Hello Dolly Well Hello Dolly: The Double and Its Theatre,” “Solo Solo Solo,” “It Seems As If I am Dead: Zombie Capitalism and Theatrical Labor,”  “Remembering Feminist Remimesis” and “What Happened, or Finishing Live” in Representations.  She has edited three special issues of TDR: A Journal of Performance Studies, on Performance and Reproduction (2018);  on New Materialism and Performance (2015); and on Precarity and Performance (2012). She is co-editor of Re:Direction, and of the book series “Theatre: Theory/Text/Performance” with University of Michigan Press.