Rebecca Mlynarczyk is Professor Emerita of English at the CUNY Graduate Center and Kingsborough Community College. She holds a long-standing interest in composition and rhetoric, especially as these fields relate to CUNY's diverse student population. Her research interests include basic and second-language writing, student journal writing, ethnographic research methodology, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. She is the Co-Editor of the Journal of Basic Writing. Mlynarczyk began her career at CUNY in 1974 as a tutor in the New School of Liberal Arts, an innovative Brooklyn College program created to deal with the challenges of Open Admissions. From 1980 to 1992 she taught developmental and ESL writing as an adjunct at Hunter College. After completing her PhD at NYU in 1993, she took a tenure-track position in the English Department of Kingsborough Community College. In 2006 she was appointed to the faculty of the Composition and Rhetoric area group of the Graduate Center’s English Program. Her publications include Conversations of the Mind: The Uses of Journal Writing for Second-Language Learners; In Our Own Words: Student Writers at Work (with Steven Haber), and Basic Writing (with George Otte). She served as co-editor of the Journal of Basic Writing, a refereed journal founded in 1975 by Mina Shaughnessy (2003 to 2011). Having retired from full-time work in 2011, Rebecca currently serves as Faculty Consultant for the CUNY Pipeline Program for Careers in College Teaching and Research.