Pooja Gehi, a social justice lawyer, began working at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project in November, 2005. At SRLP, she represents low-income and/or of color transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming people in the areas of immigration, attaining appropriate identification, attaining benefits, Medicaid, name changes, and discrimination. Prior to working at SRLP she wrote criminal appeals for the 4th circuit. She has extensive experience in legal organizing around police brutality and the prison industrial complex, as well as grassroots activist experience in the areas of anti-globalization, immigrants’ rights, and attaining wages for migrant farm workers in Florida. Pooja co-authored Unraveling Injustice: Race and Class Impact of Medicaid Exclusions of Transition-Related HealthCare for Transgender People and The Role of Lawyers in Trans Liberation: Building a Transformative Movement for Social Change. She also authored, Struggles from the Margins: Anti-Immigrant Legislation and the Impact on Low-Income Transgender People of Color. Gehi earned her Law and Masters Degree in international politics from American University and earned her bachelors degree in sociology and art history at New College of Florida.