Peter Eckersall is the EO of Theatre and Performance Program, The Graduate Center, CUNY. A pioneering researcher in Japanese theatre and dramaturgy and contemporary performance, his recent publications include We’re People Who Do Shows: Back to Back Theatre—Performance, Politics, Visibility (coedited with Helena Grehan, Performance Research Books, 2013); Theatre and Performance in the Asia-Pacific: Regional Modernities in the Global Era (coauthored with Denise Varney, Barbara Hatley, and Chris Hudson, Palgrave, 2013); and Performativity and Event in 1960s Japan: City, Body, Memory (Palgrave, 2013). His current project New media dramaturgy: How new media transform the composition and reception of live performance is funded by the Australian Research Council. He is a visiting fellow in the Centre for Interweaving Performance Cultures, Berlin; resident dramaturg for Not Yet It’s Difficult, a contemporary performance group based in Melbourne; and coconvenor of the Dramaturgy and Performance Studies Working Group at Performance Studies International (PSi), and was cofounder of Dramaturgies.