Pelin Tan is associate professor in architecture faculty at Artuklu University, Mardin, Turkey. She is involved in research-based artistic and architectural projects that focus on urban conflict and territorial politics, gift economy, the condition of labor and mixed methods in research. Trained in Sociology, Tan completed her MA thesis ‘Globalization and Contemporary Art after 1990’ in Art History at Istanbul Technical University (2003) and PhD thesis on the concept of ‘locality’ in socially engaged art practices at ITU (2010) that she partly has preceded at Berlin Humboldt University Art History Department (DAAD, 2006-2007). Tan was a postdoc fellow at Art, Culture and Technology program, School of Architecture and Planning at MIT (2011). She lectured at Art History-TU Berlin, MA in Architecture and Urban Studies (adbk – Nürenberg). A research fellow at Urban Research Plaza, Osaka University on artist run spaces in Japan (2012, The Japan Foundation). Currently she is conducting a spatial research on refugee camps in southeast anatolia (MAU, 2015-16). She is a member of video collective ArtikIsler, and member/coordinator of The Silent University. Her recent film The Fall of Artists s Republic, co-directed with artist Anton Vidokle is on show at 14th Istanbul Biennial, 2015. Tan is the author of Arazi edited by M. Miessen, N. Hirsh (Sternberg Press, CSPS, Berlin, 2015), and the lead author of the chapter "Towards an Urban Society" edited by Sasskia Sassen & Edgar Pieterse, International Panel of Social Progress (2015-2017).