Pedro Cabello del Moral is a doctoral student in the Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures department at CUNY. He researches recent Spanish and Latin American film and media artifacts that collectively weave a decolonial patchwork. He combines his academic work with his filmmaking practice, continuously searching for new ways to transform cinematic conventions and to rethink the hierarchical structures that typically define film workspaces. Among his nonfiction works there are documentaries on the post-memory of Spanish dictatorship, migrant youth within the education system in Spain, and art practices in the NYC migrant justice movement.

As a transnational activist, Pedro participates in social justice movements in Madrid and NYC, all of which place accompaniment practices at the center of their politics. In this respect, he has contributed his filmmaking and researching skills to anti-eviction and anti-deportation campaigns, which reclaim people’s rights both to the city and to universal freedom of movement.


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