Marcela Echeverri is Assistant Professor of History, City University of New York at Staten Island, and Mellon Resident Fellow 2011-12 at the CUNY Center for the Humanities. She specializes in colonial Latin American history and the comparative study of revolutions in the Atlantic world with a particular emphasis on race, ethnicity, slavery, and the law. Her most recent publications are “‘Enraged to the Limit of Despair’: Infanticide and Slave Judicial Strategies in Barbacoas, 1789 - 1798” (Slavery & Abolition 30, no. 3, 2009) and “Popular Royalists, Empire, and Politics in Southwestern New Granada, 1809-1819” (Hispanic American Historical Review 91, no. 2, 2011). Echeverri is currently completing a book manuscript, In Favor of the King: Popular Royalists, Empire, and Revolution in Colombia, 1780 – 1820.