Rob Erickson performs as lumberob. Rob is a writer and a performer and a musician and a student and a teacher and a father. His plays include Bam Tourine, Vice-President Glambeaux, Lynchplay: Jimmer has a Jaw in a Jar, Gank Thod, Off the Hozzle, Hibiscus, Grapefruit, waternowater (with Peter Glantz), Always Talk to your Healthcare Provider, Stalled on the Kiddy Speed Display, Agro Expo 27 (with Stephanie Mankins), The Sea Grass Analogy (with Leslie Strongwater), Jon Jon the Jon Cleaner (with Kristin Erickson), Scope and Sequence, Now My Know My, Yes My Do, and For We Trust We Have A Good Conscience, among others on-going and not-going. In the past/present/future he has collaborated and performed with Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Jad Fair, Kevin Blechdom, Martha Colburn, Blectum from Blechdom, Peter Glantz, Laura Peterson, Kramer, Half Japanese, and ToonBox Entertainment. His ol’ psych/punky/twangy band was called Adult Rodeo, which he founded with his wife in 1998. They made four full-length albums: the kissyface, TEXXXAS, long-range rapid-fire, and Tough Titty. Rob has a BA from Brown University in semiotics and performance theory, an MFA from Brooklyn College in playwriting, and a Masters of Science in Education from Metropolitan College. Currently, he teaches 8th grade honors humanities at Booker T. Washington Middle School in Manhattan. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Stephanie Mankins, and their absurdly superduper children, Tallulah and Finnegan. His is broken, lurching, shaky aesthetic – doing undoing.