Lauren Capellan is a proud New York native, born and raised in the Inwood area of Manhattan. She recently graduated from the CUNY Baccalaureate Interdisciplinary Program (CUNY BA) through the Graduate Center where she focused on Africana and Latino studies. Through the CUNY BA program, she was able to develop her own course requirements with the guidance of her mentor. Her interest began at Bronx Community College and transcended into a deeper passion surrounding social, political, and cultural issues in Black and Brown communities.

Lauren is currently interning with TED Conferences’ Education department (Ted-Ed). Prior to that, she interned at the Laundromat Project where she worked closely with community members and fostered the importance of history, art, and activism by empowering Bronx residents. Lauren has also worked on multiple CUNY campuses where she promoted the importance of higher education.

Lauren enjoys writing, reading, and exploring new cities. She has decided to take some time off from school to decide which graduate program best fits her needs. Lauren’s long term goal is to become a professor. 

Seminars & Working Groups