LaTrella Thornton was the second director of the City College Child Development Center from where she retired in June 2014, and is an Adjunct Lecturer in the masters program in the School of Education at City College of New York. She has been a member of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations since 1986. LaTrella served as Chair of the Child Care Council at the City University of New York. Under her leadership, the University changed it long standing policy of service only to student-parents in its child care centers at its 18 colleges, to the inclusion of service to faculty, staff, and community. LaTrella served on the Board of the National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers for several years, holding positions of Member at at large, Communications Chair, Conference Coordinator, President, and President Emeritus. She served on a New York City Department of Education advisory board during the planning and implementation of New York State’s Universal pre-Kindergarten Program in New York City.