Kendra Krueger is an intersectional scientist, educator, artist and woman of color on many edges. Raised by artists, educated as an electrical engineer (BS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MS CU Boulder) and trained in anti-oppression facilitation, theater, mindfulness and permaculture. Her work and research is a convergence of these many waters. Fueled by divine curiosity she seeks to inspire deeper exploration of ourselves and our universe. Her pedagogy advocates that science can be a transformative tool for our external and internal world if analytical and intuitive skills are combined. She founded 4LoveandScience in 2014 as a platform to teach transformative science at universities, in k12 schools and in community spaces/gardens throughout the country. She has also developed performative and installation-based projects in collaboration with other artists. She currently works as a science educator at CUNY's Advanced Science Research Center where she has founded The Community Sensor Lab as a space for DIY community science and advocacy.