Kate Tarlow Morgan is a choreographer, author/editor, and teacher. She is editor-in-chief of Currents Journal for the Body-Mind Centering Association, and editorial consultant for Lost & Found Poetics Document Initiative at C.U.N.Y-Center for Humanities. As sole archivist of The Rhythms Fundamentals, based on the study of human and animal natural movement, Kate teaches in local area schools and studios. Her book of essays and stories, Circles & Boundaries, was published in the same year that she co-edited Movement and Experience: A Body-Mind Centering Anthology, 2011. Born and raised in New York City, Kate worked as a documentary historian and urban archaeologist from 1979-1997, during which she also worked as movement therapist with the Hasidic community in Brooklyn and with infants in East Harlem. As a performer, Kate has presented her work in site-based venues as well as theatrical spaces. She is grants recipient of Arts International, Tides Research Grants, and Council for Basic Education.  She is currently working on a performative memoir with photographs inspired by the work of Hettie Jones.