Julia Sanches is a translator of Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan. She has translated works by Susana Moreira Marques, Noemi Jaffe, Daniel Galera, and Geovani Martins, among others. Her shorter translations have appeared in various magazines and periodicals, including Words without Borders, Granta, Tin House, and Guernica. A founding member of Cedilla & Co., Julia sits on the Council of the Authors Guild.

COVID is devastating the indigenous communities across Brazil, where to date 29,824 people have tested positive and 785 have died, including elders and other knowledge sharers. This is happening at the same time as violence against these same indigenous communities has increased and deforestation of the Amazon is being encouraged by the Brazilian government. If you have any money to spare, the Articulation of Indigenous People in Brazil (APIB) is taking donations here.