Josh Rios is a founding member of Sonic Insurgency Research Group (SIRG) and faculty at the School of the Art Insti­tute of Chicago where he teaches courses in social theory and research-based practice. As a media artist, writer, and educator his projects deal with the histories, presents, and futurities of Latinx and Chicanx subjects and transnational resistance to globalization and neocolonialism. Recent projects have been featured at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Portland), Locust Projects (Miami), and the Vincent Price Art Museum (Los Angeles). In 2020 Rios was a cohort member of the inter­national artist exchange program with Brazil, Close the There. In 2021, Rios was a cohort member of the year-long residency program, Re:place, sponsored by Co-prosperity (Chicago). Recent publications include “What is Justice to the Dead? On Sabra Moore’s Recon­struction Project” in the exhibition catalog for Art for the Future: Artist Call and Central American Solidarities and “Sonic Legal Spaces: An Essay of Overdubs” in the journal openwork for Columbia University’s Academic Commons. Other projects include a series of ongoing conversations and autonomous study groups on sound and power sponsored by MARCH International: A Journal of Art and Strategy. Forthcoming publications include, “Mythic Sonic Beings in Social Space: An Experimental Symposium,” for the book, Situated Listening: Attending to the Unheard (Routledge, 2024).