Jonathan Kalb is a Theatre Professor at Hunter College. He has twice won the country’s most prestigious prize for a drama critic, The George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism. He won it in 1991 for his first book Beckett in Performance and his writings in The Village Voice, and again in 2012 for his bookGreat Lengths: Seven Works of Marathon Theater, which also won the George Freedley Award from the Theatre Library Association. Prof. Kalb has written theater criticism and feature articles for the New York Times and was the chief theater critic for New York Press from 1997-2001. His writing has appeared in many journals and book collections, including: Modern Drama, TDR, Performing Arts Journal, American Theatre, Theater, Theater Heute, Theater Three,Theatre Journal, TheatreForum, The Michigan Quarterly Review, Salmagundi, The Nation and The Threepenny Review. Prof. Kalb is the Literary Advisor for Theatre for a New Audience, where he works frequently as a dramaturg. He is also the founding editor of, the Hunter On-Line Theater Review, an open-source Web journal that has published more than 200 articles, essays, interviews and other writings by a wide range of authors, from talented novices to the nation’s foremost living theater writers.