Poet Joanne Kyger, associated with the poets of the San Francisco Renaissance, published more than 20 collections of poetry, including The Tapestry and the Web (1965), All This Every Day (1975), The Wonderful Focus of You (1979),Going On: Selected Poems 1958-1980 (1983), Just Space, poems 1979-1989 (1991),Again: Poems 1989-2000 (2001), As Ever: Selected Poems (2002), and About Now: Collected Poems (2007). She is also the author of the prose collection Strange Big Moon: Japan and India Journals 1960-1964 (1981). Poet Alice Notley has referred to Kyger as a phenomenologist, while Dale Smith, reviewing As Ever, noted “the distinctions between self, body and landscape, and God and domestic gods of place blend into the vibrant fabric of every day” in her work.