Jazmyn Blackburn serves as the NYC Climate Justice Hub Coordinator with the Center for Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center. Working alongside the Hub’s partner institution, the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC-EJA), Jazmyn manages, leads, and supports public events, educational programming, and research related to the Hub’s efforts. Jazmyn is an urban planner from Canarsie, Brooklyn. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in Sociology with a specialization in Urban Studies and a Master’s degree from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Paris) in Urban Governance with a specialization in Urban Migration. Prior to joining the Climate Justice Hub team, Jazmyn worked as a project coordinator at the Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center at CUNY City Tech and as an associate planner at the Regional Plan Association. In both of these roles, Jazmyn led research and published findings on topics ranging from health equity to capital infrastructure to sea level rise on local, regional, and national scales. In addition to working as an urban planner, Jazmyn has taught all ages (ranging from preschool to adult) as a classroom teacher and tutor for six years. She believes that teaching and learning exchanges are an essential part of neighborhood growth and community development. Outside of the urban ecosystem, Jazmyn enjoys spending time outdoors in other ecosystems, observing wildlife and studying animal behavior. In her free time, she goes horseback riding and fosters dogs from the city shelter.

As Climate Justice Hub Coordinator, Jazmyn is most excited to work with the Hub’s diverse members and constituents to improve the lives of those living in environmental justice neighborhoods. She wishes to help ensure that all New Yorkers are better prepared to face the climate challenges that lie ahead in an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable manner.