Ida Susser is professor of anthropology at the Graduate Center (CUNY), at Hunter College (CUNY), and at Columbia University (Socio-Medical Sciences). She has conducted ethnographic research with respect to urban social movements in the United States and the gendered, local, national and global politics of the AIDS epidemic in New York City, Puerto Rico and southern Africa. She was co-chair of the Social Science Track for the 2008 Mexico City International AIDS Society Conference, co-chair of the AAA Commission of World Anthropologies, and is a founding member of the steering committee of Athena: Advancing Gender Equity and Human Rights in the Global Response to HIV/AIDS. Her most recent books include: AIDS, Sex and Culture: Global Politics and Survival in Southern Africa (2009, Wiley Blackwell); and Norman Street Revisited: Claiming a Right to New York City (2012, Oxford). She received an award for Distinguished Achievement in the Critical Study of North America from the Society for the Anthropology of North America, was founding President of the Society for the Anthropology of North America, and was President of the American Ethnological Society