Hadar Ahuvia moves between identities, reverberating from ruptures enacted within three generations of diaspora from Europe, to Israel-Palestine and the US. A white Jewish Ashkenazi artist, her work reshapes Israeli folk and liturgical material, proposing embodied repair, through choreographic and vocal practice. As such it is an homage and break from a lineage of Zionist cultural workers.

Hadar is grateful to have worked with artists Sara Rudner, Jill Sigman, Donna Uchizono, Molly Poerstel, Anna Sperber, Jon Kinzel, Stuart Shugg, Tatyana Tenenbaum, and Kathy Westwater. She currently performs with Reggie Wilson/ Fist and Heel Performance Group.   Hadar was 2012 DTW/NYLA Fresh Tracks Artist, a 2015 Movement Research AIR, and LABA fellow at the 14th St. Y, and recipient of residencies at CUNY, and Yaddo. Her work has been presented at CPR, BkSD, DTW/NYLA, and the 14th St Y. Her upcoming work The Dances Are For Us premiers at Danspace Project at the end of May.