Fabiana Dultra Britto joined the Urban Laboratory of the Federal University of Bahia in 2008 where she coordinates research on aesthetics, the city, and the body. Britto directs the Corpocidade Platform , which includes academic research and events, as well as the publication of the biennial journal Redobra. Britto is part of the research groups PIRVE- L'aseptisation des ambiances pietonnes: la passivité et la plasticité des corps en marche and MUSE - Les Enigmes sensibles des mobilités urbaines contemporaine, both coordinated by Rachel Thomas (Laboratoire CRESSON-CNRS). Britto was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Public Art at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar (2009) and the Centre de Recherche sur L'Espace Sonore et L'Environnement Urbain - CRESSON-CNRS (2012). Her research focuses on dance theory, history, and criticism, as well as on the processes that relate to the body, dance, and the urban context (coplasticidade and corpografia).