Eva S. Chou, Professor and Chair of English at Baruch College, received her B.A. from Harvard College in English Literature and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University in Chinese Literature. She is interested

in works of art both as creative works and in their relation to China’s sense of identity. She has published in three scholarly areas: classical poetry, modern literature, and most recently, ballet in China. For the
classical period, Professor Chou published a study of the towering Tang-dynasty poet Tu Fu, Reconsidering Tu Fu: Literary Greatness and Cultural Context (Cambridge University Press, 1996), as well as many
articles on other classical poets and on literary history in journals such as Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies. For the modern period, she published a study of the key modern writer Lu Xun, Memory, Violence, and the Queue: Lu Xun Interprets China (Association for Asian Studies Publications, 2012), as well as many articles in journals such as The China Quarterly and Asia Major. Both Tu Fu (Du Fu) and Lu Xun are often taught in Baruch’s Great Works of Literature syllabi. Her current project turns to the topic of ballet in China, which like many aspects of Chinese culture, draws heavily from its literary past. She is writing
a history of ballet in China.