Delsenia Glover joined the Tenants & Neighbors staff in September 2013 and became Executive Director in 2018. In her time at Tenants & Neighbors, she co-created the Tenants & Neighbors Tenant Leadership Institute and Tenant Association Leadership Program and leads the legislative and policy campaigns to strengthen the rent laws at the state-level and works with the National Alliance of HUD Tenants to strengthen rights for HUD tenants across New York. A housing activist in Harlem, in 2007, Delsenia created a group called the Gang of Six — an alliance between the three largest rent-regulated developments in Harlem including Lenox Terrace, the Riverton, and the Savoy (formerly Delano Village). More recently, she began another group, the Central Harlem Tenants Alliance.

Prior to joining Tenants & Neighbors, Delsenia worked in education and public relations. She is a founder of the Bronx Career & College Preparatory High School and has also worked as a public relations and media relations specialist with several public relations agencies in New York City. Delsenia is a graduate of Fordham University with a BA in Communications and is a 2017 New York Community Trust/Baruch College Leadership Fellow.