Cyrus Schayegh (PhD, Columbia University, 2004) was at the American University of Beirut from 2005-2008 and now is an assistant professor at Princeton University, where he teaches modern Middle Eastern history. His first book, Who Is Knowledgeable Is Strong. Science, Class, and the Formation of Modern Iranian Society, 1900-1950 (California University Press) appeared in 2009; he has published articles in IJMES, CSSH, and AHR, amongst other journals. His current principal book project, which bears the working title “Connecting the dots: a regional history of the Mandate Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Transjordan, 1918-1948),” re-examines the post-Ottoman Levant as a region formed by the interplay between division and integration, between new countries and cross-border movements of goods and people.