Brujas of Brooklyn are identical twin sisters, Doctora Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon and Doctora Miguelina Rodriguez. These Brujas, or witches, merge the magic of ancestral medicine with sharp intellect. Their platform provides the balm to help People of Color, particularly Womyn of color, heal from internalized oppression. As certified Kundalini and Hatha yogis, these Black Dominican sisters design multi-sensory workshops that provide sacred space for Womyn of color to heal from womb imbalances. Both are professors of the Social Sciences within the City College of New York (CUNY). They’ve both authored academic pieces on the effects of racialized oppression on communities of color, Dominicans in particular. Their work has granted them access to platforms such as ABC, NPR, Univision, Google, Buzz Feed’s Pero Like, and Facebook to name a few. Joy is their ultimate form of resistance. Visit their website here.