Bibi Calderaro is a transdisciplinarian who weaves theories and practices from art, education and research, blending diverse knowledge fields. Her work circulates internationally since 1995 aiming to build ecological solidarity within and beyond the human. Her participatory sensorial walks explore ideas of hybridity within decolonial grounds. Her collaborative work with the Coastal Reading Group explores the intersections of the body, the psyche and the social within the frame of postphenomenologicalthinking and eco-centric ethics.

Bibi is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships internationally. She is an active Board Member for Holes in the Wall Collective’s Center for Creative Research, Reflection and Action. She holds a Sustainability Science and Education MA degree from The Graduate Center CUNY and a MFA in Social Practice from CUNY Queens College. Bibi is a PhD student in the Urban Education program at CUNY’s Graduate Center. She is certified in Regenerative Social and Ecological Design (Omega Institute), as Nature and Forest Therapy Guide (ANFT) and is a trained Leave No Trace Leader (Wesleyan University, CT).

As an immigrant from the Global South living in NYC, she wants to expand urbanecosystem praxes in the Hudson River Estuary bioregion to include non-Western paradigms/knowledges/practices that can further help integrate and connect humans and the more-than-human. This fellowship will allow her to further develop a teacher-training program within the bioregion as classroom, connecting the humanities and a diversity of publics along its valley.

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