Ashley Brockington has been trolling around the downtown theater scene since 2001.  She has toured the parks of New York City with Circus Amok for over a decade.  Circus Amok is a politically-minded queer circus that provides free art to the people every (other) summer. In 2006, Ashley joined the women and transgendered artists of the WOW café theater collective.  A theater run collectively by the artists, WOW was Ashley’s creative home for  a demi-decade.  She produced Rivers of Honey, a monthly cabaret for and by queer women of color.  She created an annual performance project called Black Girl Ugly that investigates Black girlhood and self-esteem. Ashley recently acquired a BA in Theater from Brooklyn College with her sights set on getting a PhD in something Black and Artsy. But first she's planning on settling into her New York Neo-Futurist lifestyle.