Anastasia Kayiatos earned a Slavic and Women’s Studies PhD from UC Berkeley while running the working groups, Doing Disability and Socialisms & Sexualities. After a provost’s postdoc at USC, she joined Macalester College as a Visiting Professor in Russian, Women's Studies, and Critical Theory, and has offered such courses as "The Cold War Gets Hot"; and "Camp, Kitsch and Poshlost': The Making of Modern Bad Taste" (at which Yevgeniy Fiks made a special appearance). Selections from her dissertation on silence and alterity in post-Stalin Russia have been published in multiple journals and multiple languages, most relevantly a pair ion queer deaf pantomime in seventies' Moscow, and another piece on the sexy perversity of post-socialist conversions to capitalism, called “Shock and Alla.” At present, she’s working on a manuscript, entitled Suggestive Gestures: Toward a Queer Socialist Aesthetic, which deals with silent performances of sexual difference in the Soviet Union, and includes a final chapter on Fiks.