Allucquére Rosanne (Sandy) Stone is professor emerita of communication at the University of Texas, Austin; founding core faculty and Wolfgang Kohler professor of media and performance studies at the European Graduate School; senior artist at the Banff Centre; University of California Humanities Research Institute Fellow; and occasional hell-raiser at the University of California, Santa Cruz and other institutions of higher learning. She was a Sundance Institute invitee, a member of the Bell Laboratories Special Systems Exploratory Group, conducted research on the neurological basis of vision for NIH, and was the director for ten years of the International Conferences on Cyberspace. She is a recipient of Lifetime Achievement Awards from the State of California, City of Santa Cruz, and Santa Cruz Diversity Center; and is the author of numerous publications in the fields of science fiction, neurology, vision, architecture, new media, and anthropology, including "The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifesto", a founding text for the academic discipline of Transgender Studies.