Alfredo Vanin was born in the town of Saija, in the Valley of el Cauca in Colombia. As a Professor, journalist and writer, Vanin has experimented with poetry, chronicles, narratives, and essays. As an investigator of social and cultural realities and ethnologist, he is considered one of the most passionate and committed representatives and activist of the AfroColombian community located in the Pacific coast of the country. His works include multiple books of poems “Alegando que Vivo” (1967), “Jornadas del tahúr” (2005), “Historias para reír o sorprenderse” (2005); ethnographies “La vertiente afro-Pacífico de la tradición oral" (1986) "Relatos de mar y selva" (trabajo etnográfico 1995). His most recent novel is titled “Los restos del Vellocino de Oro” (2008).