Alessandro Petti is an architect, urbanist, and researcher who teaches at Honors College Al-Quds/Bard University in Abu Dis-Jerusalem. He is co-founder of Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency and the author of Arcipelaghi e enclave (Archipelagos and enclaves, Bruno Mondadori, 2007), which focuses on the emerging spatial order dictated by the paradigm of security and control. Petti has co-curated different research projects on the contemporary urban condition, such as Borderdevices (2002-2007) with the group Multiplicity, Uncertain States of Europe, and, with Sandi Hilal, Stateless Nation. Recently, Petti has made contributions to the publications Ecological Urbanism (Lars Muller Publishers, 2010); State of exception and Resistance in the Arab World (Arab Unity Studies, 2010), Dubai Offshore Urbanism in Heterotopia and the City (Routledge 2008), and Post-it City (CCCB, 2008); he has also been a contributor to Afterall, Domus, Archis, and Equilibri.