Adrean Clark is an ASL Deaf author, artist, and advocate. She is a proud graduate of the North Carolina School for the Deaf, alumna of Gallaudet University, and recently earned her MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. 

With her partner John Lee Clark, Adrean was the co-owner and Creative Director of the Tactile Mind Press and Clerc Scar. Together they produced a weekly zine, a literary magazine, books, and DVDs spotlighting the signing community. Of her many current roles, one of her favorites is serving as a coordinator for the ASLwrite community in developing an open, community-supported written ASL.

Adrean’s culturally-affirming ASLcentric art explores visual language, as she believes in the ability to transform spoken ASL to two-dimensional spaces through visual art. She stays toasty warm creating comics, zines, and books in her studio near Minneapolis, Minnesota