Abdellah Taïa was born in Rabat, Morocco, in 1973. He is the first Moroccan and Arab writer/filmmaker to publicly declare his homosexuality. The French Editions du Seuil has published seven of his books, including Salvation Army, An Arab Melancholia (both translated into English by Semiotexte), Infidèles, (translated into English by Seven Stories Press), Un pays pour mourir and Celui quiest digne d'être aimé. His novel Le jour du Roi was awarded the prestigious French Prix de Flore in 2010. Salvation Army, his first movie as a director, is adapted from his eponymous novel. The film was selected to Venice Film Festival 2013, TIFF 2013, New Directors 2014 and won many prizes. Semiotexte just translated into English his second book, under the title Another Morocco.