About the event

Increasingly, our participation in social movements like Occupy Wall Street can leave data traces—images, video, tweets, and Facebook updates, for instance—that can later be gathered, analyzed, and visualized. Join developers, designers, researchers, artists, occupiers, and hackers in a two-day data-mining and data-visualization workshop. Using free, open-source tools, and data sets from the Occupy Research General Demographic and Political Participation Survey (ORGS), participants will work in small teams on collectively determined research questions. Over the two-day period, teams will create a range of exploratory visualizations, including artistic word clouds, word murals, bubble and matrix charts, phrase nets, maps, Tumblr blogs, and faceted data-browsing tools. The data sets from previous OccupyData and OccupyResearch events will be available, as well as new data sets.

To review the outcomes of this two-day workshop, please visit the OccupyData NYC website: http://occupydatanyc.org