About the event

How can the occupy movement be analyzed visually using digital data? Continuing the response to the current exhibition “Common Assembly,” join this two-day workshop of developers, designers, researchers, artists, occupiers, and hackers to discover new ways of relating to the Occupy movement through analysis and visualization. Teams of people will work on separate projects with the goal of using free and open source tools to creatively present data pertinent to the Occupy movement and to critically analyze the issues this information raises. Over the two-day period, participants can create a range of exploratory visualizations, including but not limited to, artistic word clouds, word murals, bubble and matrix charts, phrase nets, maps, tumblr blogs combining data and photos, and faceted data browsing tools. The data sets from previous OccupyData and OccupyResearch events will be available, as well as some new results from an original (as-yet-unpublished) Occupy Wall Street survey.