About the event

Although we email, blog, tweet, and text as if by instinct, too many of us toil in schools and workplaces designed for the last century, not the one in which we live. Using cutting-edge research on the brain and learning, Cathy N. Davidson (Interdisciplinary Studies and English, Duke) shows how the phenomenon of “attention blindness” shapes our lives, and how it has led to one of the greatest problems of our historical moment. A “technopragmatist,” Davidson helps us to think in historical, theoretical, institutional, and practical ways about thriving in the connected, global world we already inhabit. She will be be joined in conversation by discussant Jesse Prinz (Philosophy, The Graduate Center, CUNY), with introductory remarks by President William P. Kelly and Professor Victoria Pitts-Taylor. Followed by a reception and book signing for Davidson’s new book, Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn, at the 5th floor Committees for Science/Committees for Religion suite.