About the event

The post 9/11 era has drawn increased attention to the ways that immigrant communities are policed, surveilled, criminalized, racialized, and imprisoned. These practices, however, have long histories within both immigrant and native born communities in the United States for whom citizenship has always been constrained. How has the intensification of policing within immigrant communities forced us to re-think these overlapping and connected histories? How does a more nuanced understanding of these histories—and the related relevance of race, gender, and sexuality—inform our work to address policing and prisons and expand our understandings of the Prison Industrial Complex?

Join Mizue Aizeki (Organizer and Documentary Photographer), Lilliam Araujo (Organizer, Unity Housecleaners), Kenyon Farrow (Writer and Activist), Pooja Gehi (Social Justice Lawyer), and Mae Ngai (History, Columbia University) to address these as well as other questions.