About the event

Avant-garde filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos was one of the key figures of the New American Cinema Group. Join us to explore the implications of Markopoulos’s final magnum opus, the 80-hour Eniaios, designed to be seen outdoors in the remote mountains of Greece, with P. Adams Sitney (Visual Arts, Princeton University). This summer, spectators from around the world will gather in the Peloponnese to see the most recently printed portion of this epic film. What does it mean for participants to make a cultural, not a religious, pilgrimage? This talk will take place in the context of Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency's Common Assembly exhibition

The lecture is presented in conjunction with a rare screening of two of Markopoulos's films, The Illiac Passion and Bliss, on April 4 at 7:30 at Anthology Film Archives.