About the event

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Trade School New York organizers will share struggles and experiences from the past four years of organizing a barter-based learning platform as a volunteer collective. Looking at the spaces, people, and infrastructure that Trade School requires, organizers Rachel Vera Steinberg, Or Zubalsky, and Caroline Woolard will address our transition from a short-term art project to an ongoing effort with aligned groups.

Trade School is a self-organized learning space that runs on barter. Anyone can teach and anyone can sign up for a class, ‘paying’ for what they learn from a list of teacher’s needs. We value practical wisdom and mutual respect. There are now Trade Schools in over 45 cities around the world supported by software developed on an open source platform by Trade School organizers.

Bring one of the following: feedback on the talk; illustrations about barter, education, or collectives; make a screen and silkscreen T-Shirts for us; permanent space for Trade school; python development help; readings on alternative pedagogy; recipes that work when you cook for 50 people; snacks to share; volunteers to help us mail T-shirts.