About the event

Click here for the audio of Boris Groys on After History: Alexandre Kojève as a Photographer.

How can Hegel’s influence on generations of Russian thinkers be reexamined and even migrated beyond philosophy into sociocultural practices? The topics addressed at this two-day conference at the Graduate Center and New York University will cover poetics of everyday behavior, fashioning identity in history, mutations of narrative form, historiographic imaginaries of the modern, techniques of statecraft, and literary criticism. The far-reaching and activist nature of Russian engagement with Hegel’s philosophy during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries provides us with especially rich material for continuing to pose the central Hegelian question of the relationship between the rational and the actual, while at the same time thematizing the mechanisms of transcultural reception itself.

This conference is organized in tandem with the James Gallery exhibition “After History: Alexandre Kojève as a Photographer.” For more information, click here.


5:00 PM


Cosponsored by the Jordan Center for Russian Studies at New York University and the Andrew W. Mellon Committee on Globalization and Social Change.