About the event

Motivated by the recent felony conviction of a young woman for “sexting” with her girlfriend, Growing Up Policed focuses on the nexus of youth, technology, law enforcement, and constructions of racialized sexuality. The conference use a broad definition of “policing” that extends across jails, schools, subways, and cyberspace to include the tools that parents, professionals, and others use to watch over, intervene with, and attempt to “correct” youth. Panels on legal and technological issues will explore the production of knowledge about and surveillance and punishment of LGBTQ youth of color as well as parallel and overlapping processes among other queer and straight youth. With workshops conducted by cutting-edge youth community-organizing and arts projects, Growing Up Policed will also host crucial conversations with and among LGBTQ youth of color, their allies, and friends to share resources and ideas toward ensuring that their relationships flourish, their communities thrive, and the scope and scale of the dynamic resistances they are forging continue to broaden.