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Graduate Center Community: We invite you to join this workshop – no prior experience needed!

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The concept of “beloved community” has been used by scholars such as bell hooks, Dr. Bettina Love, and Dr. Terri Watson to describe communities that uplift, sustain, and protect each other.

In response to a growing demand to build and grow “beloved community” within the Urban Education program, in November 2020, a group of Urban Education students and faculty collaboratively proposed and were awarded a PublicsLab Doctoral Curriculum Enhancement Grant to establish a restorative/transformative justice (R/TJ) lens in the program. This began as a way to examine the program’s culture, relationships, sense of belonging, and collaborative learning through this lens. We continue to explore R/TJ work as practices and policies that increase individual and communal experiences of equity and well-being within our program.

Implemented through intentional curricular design in the form of R/TJ circles, this workshop intends to support all GC community members to engage in conversations across differences, build solidarity, and serve as a space where people can work through difficult conversations. Attendees are invited to bring a meaningful object to place at the center of the circle as a way to form community.

Our guiding question is:
How do you want to see these practices grow in your program?

(Open to change!)
5:30-5:45 Mingle (refreshments and light snacks)
5:45-6:15 History, experiences, and goals of R/TJ work in the Urban Education program
6:15-6:30 Connections between Un-Charting exhibition and R/TJ
6:30-7:00 Circle & Gallery Walk: How do you want to see these practices grow in your program?
7:00-7:15 Share Back: What connections do you see across this room? Identify next steps.
7:15-7:30 Mingle and build community!

Through this convening we aim to share our work and create a forum that will invite multiple modes of collaboration and increase conversations across the student body, faculty and staff, and across departments within the GC.

Project Leads (students): Bibi Calderaro, Adelia Gibson, Sunisa Nuonsy, Ifeoma Nwoke, Brian Pew, Lucy Robins, Mariatere Tapias, Jessica Velez TelloProject Leads (faculty): Ariana Mangual Figueroa, Wendy Luttrell

This program is a collaboration of the James Gallery and the Ph.D. Program in Urban Education, CUNY Graduate Center, with support from PublicsLab Doctoral Curriculum Enhancement Grant.