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Join scholars Gil Hochberg, Yali Hashash, and artist Tali Keren for a screening of Keren’s film, Un-Charting, followed by a conversation on the themes of the film, which critically investigates the shared settler colonial imagination between Zionism and American exceptionalism.

Hochberg will discuss her research, which challenges the Judeo-Christian tradition and writing of world history. She argues that Judeo-Christianity is a fabricated myth that has not only harmed and shaped Jewish-Muslim relations but has also engineered broader histories of modernity which include violent partitions, fragmentations, and colonization.

Hashash offers Mizrahi feminist critical theory as a method for generating alternatives and resistance to the conservative Evangelical intervention in Israeli politics and explores what that means for Jewish life in and outside of Israel. Through an intersectional framework, she will share her assessment about Israel’s role in global, fundamentalist far-right evangelicalism. By looking at the legacies and contemporary impact of Judeo-Christian world-making–its realities generated from myth-making and history writing–the discussion will trace how this tradition has stoked Islamophobia and pitted Jews and Muslims against one another as well as contributed to the erasure of both Palestinian and Mizrahi identity and culture.

The conversation with speakers and the audience aims to open a space for solidarity and unlearning while foregrounding alternative liberatory possibilities.