About this fellowship opportunity

The Climate Action Lab (CAL) from the Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center, CUNY is seeking CUNY graduate student applicants for the 2018-2019 Climate Action Lab Fellowship. The deadline to apply is Sunday, July 15, 2018.

The fellow will be expected to work with the organizer of the Climate Action Lab to facilitate research into grassroots urban climate adaptation and mitigation efforts in New York City. The Climate Action Lab will meet on a monthly basis in order to develop a sustained conversation on topics relating to energy, transport, waste, and other issues of critical importance to the urban future. Climate Action encompasses the myriad changes in urban infrastructures necessary to cut carbon emissions dramatically and to adapt cities to the many stresses that climate change will inflict on them. Climate action therefore can include everything from detailed plans for a rapid transition to a fossil free society to local restoration of wetlands. Whatever shape and scale it takes, however, climate action should be inspired by a justice-based vision in which all members of urban communities live good lives by being in just and fair relationships with one another within healthy, interdependent ecosystems. Climate action thus recognizes that struggles against climate chaos and social inequality are intimately intertwined. Monthly meetings of the Climate Action Lab will focus on the following topics:

Fall 2018

Spring 2019 (dates TBD)

Fellowship Responsibilities:

Qualifications and Areas of Interest:

Fellow should have strong interest in environmental studies, with knowledge of the arts and humanities as well as social science research relating to environmental issues.

Fellowship Details: Duration and Stipend

The fellowship will last for the length of the 2018-19 academic year. Approximately 5 hours per week.

Stipend: $5,000.


CUNY graduate student in good academic standing.

Application Deadline:

Sunday, July 15, 2018.

How to Apply:

Please click here to fill out this application form and upload your resume.

About The Climate Action Lab Collaboration:

The Climate Action Lab is being developed through a collaboration between the Art, Activism, and the Environment research group (led by faculty leader Ashley Dawson) from the Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research at the Center for the Humanities (CUNY Graduate Center), the Occupy Climate Change! Project of the Environmental Humanities Lab at the Royal Technology Institute of Sweden, and the Climate Action Research Cluster of the Social Text Collective.