About the event

Due to the Hurricane Sandy crisis in New York City, the Intellectual History conference has been cancelled. Please visit the conference website for further information. We will share details on rescheduling and registration reimbursements as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Join us for the Fifth Annual Intellectual History Conference, whose theme this year highlights the importance of communities to intellectual life and the study of intellectual history. Intellectual historians often focus on individual figures, but these people are always embedded in wider communities of intellectual exchange. In addition, intellectual historians are themselves situated in communities of exchange that include not only other historians, but also academics from a broad range of fields (including literature, political science, communications, religion, sociology, anthropology, art history) and the wider public as well. The keynote address on “Reinhold Niebuhr, Christian Survivalism, and the Question of Secularization” will be presented by David Hollinger, History, University of California at Berkeley. Other participants include Jack Balkin, Yale Law School; Sam Tanenhaus, New York Times; and Orlando Patterson, Sociology, Harvard University. See website for the full program.

Co-sponsored by the PhD Program in History