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Free and Open to All. Proof of Covid vaccination or a negative test is required.

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Most imaginaries are examined through their intangibility. But what about their embodiment? Their carnality? Their phantasmic potential as somatic and sensorial practice? Music and sound are ethereal, yet their receptive and productive characteristics are embedded in a political and revolutionary economy. The transmission of waves from intangible matter into active movement, dance, and protest is indomitable, commanding assembly and disrupting latency. Dream Riots is a live musical performance by multi-disciplinary artists Bergsonist (Selwa Abd) and Gavilán Rayna Russom. Their sonic weavings blur the lines between audience and performer, interrupting the public program with a temporary moment of collectivity.

Opening the evening, Bergsonist’s musical approach centers on abstraction, intuition, and repetition as modes of assembling a revolutionary aesthetic. Her musical performance is a meditation on the varied processes of creation and freedom. Moving across radiant soundscapes, Gavilán Rayna Russom’s performance projects from the axis points between the living and the dead. Rayna’s mixes pose stealthy challenges to the whitening of sound through the use of sonic portals that create space for different tones, distortion, sonic abstraction, and ghost frequencies. Harmonious at times, and antagonistic at others, the musicians form a realm where imagination is not a mere psychic occupation, but a somatic and sensorial embodiment of possibilities.