About the event

Join us for a timely and important conversation with Sam Tanenhaus and Richard Wolin reflecting on the 2016 election and its implications for the future of American politics.

With Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, the unthinkable has occurred and a threshold has been breached. The certainties of American politics no longer apply. The traditional assumptions of mainstream conservatism have been upended. The Democrats, for their part, were humiliated in the rustbelt states that, for decades, had been a major source of strength. Please join us for an assessment of how the November 8, 2016 election will impact America’s political future.

In looking forward to this event, we'd like to share Wolin's recent article "'Our Prophet' of Deceit," The Chronicle of Higher Education. October 30, 2016. This reading is not required; however, it is intended to provide an entry point into the conversation that will take place.

Cosponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor of the City University of New York, and the Writers' Institute, and the PhD Program in Political Science and at the Graduate Center, CUNY.