Wheelchair Accessibility

About the event

Join us for a reception for the exhibition of paintings by Jen Mazza, "Disobedience is Not Careless." Poet Jessica Laser will read a selection of poems from her forthcoming collection Sergei Kuzmich from All Sides (Letter Machine Editions). Laser and Mazza met when they began teaching collaboratively in 2015, and this collaboration has been influential in both their practices. Jen Mazza states that “in the effort to teach the bridge between the visual and the verbal, we learned things about the materiality of our own practices which affects how we now engage with those materials.” To hear these poems read on the opening night of this exhibition is to be privy, in part, to the other side of a conversation that in many ways has informed the making of the paintings on view.

Special thanks to Tibor de Nagy Gallery and the Faculty Development Fund of Pratt Institute.